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kitchen countertop

6 Benefits of Solid Surface Quartz Countertops

If you’re planning to install new countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, office, lobby, or retail space, you may have heard some buzz about solid surface countertops. What are solid surface countertops all about?  The material is homogeneous, which means it is solid all the way through, unlike ceramic or laminate. The result is a sturdy, non-porous surface that holds up better after impact than other multi-layered countertop materials.  When it comes to solid surface counters, we are big fans of solid surface quartz countertops. Why? The advantages...

hardwood flooring

5 Timeless Flooring Styles for the Northwest

Hex tiles are the most popular. 1 to 2 inch hex tiles for the Bath or Kitchen. Subway tiles. Bathroom and kitchens for back splashes and walls. Red or White Oak Hardwood Flooring, ether solid or engineered. Carrara /Calcutta marble can be used throughout the house. Marmoleum flooring can be used just about anywhere, but the most popular are in the Kitchen and Bathroom. It has been a timeless classic for decades due to the ease of maintenance and cleanup. ...

carpet samples

Three Best Carpets for the Portland, Oregon Area

Nylon loop carpet. Stain resistant to most stains, easy to clean and most stains don’t set as easy. You have the ability to be professionally be cleaned and some nylon types can even be cleaned with bleach without losing their color. Naturally shaped like a spring which makes it extremely resilient. Trusoft by Stainmaster carpet. This is an extremely soft carpet while still maintaining a resistance to stains, pets, kids and other normal Northwest carpet nemesis. New Zealand Wool carpet. The...

black and white carpet squares

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Carpet for your Portland, Oregon Home

Comfort. Especially for a bedroom or living room space.  The level of Comfort of your choice of carpet can make all the difference in the world and can help bring your family together, especially on movie night. Type of Fiber and Construction. Whether you’re considering wool or a synthetic fiber, there are a few factors that need to be addressed that will determine the most appropriate fiber for your space. For example, wool isn’t the best fiber to use in a home with...

flooring installer

5 Things to Consider Prior To Hiring a Portland Flooring Contractor

1. Is your contractor licensed and bonded?  If not, you could suffer greatly financially.  If anything were to happen on the job-site regarding the safety and welfare of all the contractors’ employees, you personally would be responsible if anything were to happen to them physically, i.e. medical bills, time-loss wages, etc… Floor Factors is licensed and bonded in both Oregon and Washington, so there should be no concern about the legitimacy of your flooring installers. 2. Does your flooring installer provide an...

Cork flooring examples in a variety of colors.

Why Should You Buy Extra Flooring for Your Remodel?

Are you planning a home remodel or commercial renovation project? One of the most important steps in any contracting venture (whether DIY or professionally managed) is choosing your floors. Design starts from the floor up, so it’s essential your material choice suits your needs as well as complements your creative vision. If you’ve already fallen in love with your flooring choice and plan to make the purchase, we recommend buying extra material.  Nearly half of our customers are seeking a flooring material that matches what...