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Home Carpet Cleaning 101: The Beginner’s Guide

Carpet is arguably the most comfortable flooring option for a home, especially plush and other cut pile styles. That being said, it's more prone to stains and damage than other materials, making it challenging to maintain. Knowing the basics of cleaning it is essential.  Are you a novice? The Portland flooring experts at Floor Factors are here to guide the way. Keep reading for a rundown on how to clean your home’s carpet, including what products to use and how to...


Is Vinyl Flooring the Best Choice for Kitchens?

From spaghetti sauce spills and dropped hot pans to muddy footprints and the occasional crash of glassware, kitchen floors endure a lot of abuse. That's why installing durable, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean flooring is essential. Vinyl flooring has been around for almost a century, and it continues to be a top pick among homeowners. Like many other homeowners about to embark on a kitchen remodel, you might be wondering if vinyl flooring is the go-to material. The short answer is yes. In...


Pros, Cons, & Differences of Laminate vs. Vinyl Flooring

Flooring has an immense impact on the look and feel of a home. It adds character, insulation, sound absorption, and comfort while tying together the interior design. Whether you're planning to stay in your house for the next several years or are remodeling it with plans to sell, laminate and luxury vinyl flooring are excellent picks. If you're not quite sure what vinyl and laminate are or how the two materials differ, you've come to the right place. The Portland flooring...


5 Best Carpeting Ideas for Basements

In the rainy Pacific Northwest, many homeowners wonder, Is carpet good for a basement? If so, what kind of carpet should I put in my basement? Believe it or not, carpet is a suitable option for below-grade spaces. Yes, even in wet Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas. If your basement is waterproofed and sealed to protect against flooding and leaks, carpeting your floors is an excellent choice. That said, if you're covering a concrete floor, you might need to install...


What’s the Difference Between Plush & Textured Carpet?

If you're planning on carpeting your home, you might be wondering, What kind of carpet should I buy? From natural and synthetic to high-pile, low-pile, and looped, there are tons of varieties. The fiber material, pile height, and style impact not only the look and feel of a carpet but also its durability and maintenance requirements. Each characteristic should be carefully considered before you choose. Two of the most popular options are plush and textured. Here, our Portland flooring experts explain...


What’s the Best Flooring for a Cement Basement Floor?

Basements can be transformed into a broad range of bonus spaces, like TV rooms, dens, playrooms, guest suites, or home gyms. If you're planning to renovate your unfinished basement, there's a good chance you'll be covering concrete flooring. So, what is the best flooring for a basement cement floor? As a premier flooring supplier in Portland, the expert team at Floor Factors knows a thing or two about finishing basements. Our top pick is luxury vinyl tile (LVT), a superstar material...


New Linoleum Flooring Designs are Inspired by Nature

Linoleum has been around since the mid-19th century, but the gorgeous, eco-friendly material is currently having its moment in the sun. If you're not familiar with this popular floor-covering product, we recommend taking a closer look. Made from a variety of earth-sourced substances, linoleum is a natural flooring option. If you want to “go green” with your home remodel or renovation, this is a great material to choose.  Those who have an appreciation for sustainability and the great outdoors will love Forbo...


3 Eco-Friendly Custom Area Rug Materials

Area rugs are a functional floor-covering option, offering comfort, insulation, and warmth. However, the right rug goes far beyond function. It can pull together the design elements of a room and provide a finishing touch to a space. At Floor Factors, we carry prefabricated area rugs in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles — but sometimes, a custom rug is the way to go. Some of the most popular area rug materials include wool, nylon, woven vinyl, and...


2021 Kitchen Design Trends Embrace Solid Surface Countertops

As a place where you spend a substantial amount of time with your loved ones, the design of your kitchen is crucial. You want it to be both aesthetically appealing and functional. Choosing the right countertops is one way to bring your design vision to life as well as create a kitchen that suits your lifestyle. New countertop trends can help you achieve the perfect vibe. Here's what you can expect to see for kitchen counters in 2021. What Is the...


What’s the Best Flooring for a Portland Basement?

Basements allow homeowners to add substantially more usable square-footage to their houses. They can be turned into playrooms, dens, additional bedrooms, game rooms, home gyms, guest suites — you name it. With a plumbing hookup, you can add a bathroom, laundry room, or even a wet bar. Whether you're planning to finish your basement or are renovating one that's already usable, you might be wondering what your options are for flooring. Our team has the answers! 7 Flooring Materials to Consider for...