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Window Coverings

Grey couch in front of a large window with white curtains. There is a cat on the windowsill and the couch is accented with teal pillows.

What Window Treatments Are the Most Energy Efficient?

Window coverings offer more than just light filtration, privacy, and decoration. They can also boost a home's energy efficiency, meaning it won't need to use as much electricity, gas, or solar power to stay comfortably warm and cool. Keep reading to learn more about how this works, along with a rundown of today's best energy-saving window treatments. How Window Treatments Improve Energy Efficiency Foam and cellulose are used to insulate walls and ceilings. They help your home stay climate-controlled throughout the year by...

New window blinds in a farmhouse-style kitchen with rustic wood floors, white cabinets, and granite countertop.

How to Match Wood Floors & Window Treatments

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, long-lasting, and available in a wide variety of species, grains, and colors. If you’re a homeowner who’s invested in hardwood flooring, you well know the time it takes to pick the perfect style to match a design vision.  Having said that, it’s also worth taking the time to pair your flooring choice with window treatments that truly create a wow factor.  When our customers visit our showroom and speak with our in-house design consultants, common questions arise. For...

Hardwood flooring in an entryway of a home as well as an area rug made from natural fibers.

What Window Treatments Prevent Sun Damage to Hardwood Floors?

With proper care and upkeep, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. Preventing cracks, dents, and moisture damage is part of the equation, but what many homeowners don't realize until it's too late is that outdoor light can cause fading. What can you do to protect your hardwoods from sun damage? Read on to find out. Window Treatments That Protect Your Hardwood Floors From the Sun  Minor color changes give wood planks a hint of character. The rustic look is so popular, in fact,...

A lush green plant sits in front of white slatted blinds.

Top 10 Window Blind & Treatment Trends in 2022

In the world of interior design, a new year means fresh looks, avant-garde color palettes, and the latest innovations. If you’re sprucing up your living space, you won't want to overlook this year's top trends in window treatments! What Are the Current Trends in Window Treatments? Floor Factors offers custom blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes exclusively from Hunter Douglas. The industry-leading manufacturer creates all types of window treatments, including impressively innovative designs and the most sought-after styles. Find a rundown of our favorites...

Grey curtains hang in a small living room with gold colored walls and a modern chair.

Blinds vs. Curtains: The Best Window Treatments for Your Home

Though window treatments are often the last decision of a remodel, they should never be an afterthought! These interior design essentials provide light filtration, privacy, and insulation while tying in the rest of your home’s decor. Looking for the best window treatments for your home? In addition to floor-covering products, Floor Factors offers an impressive selection of window treatments from Hunter Douglas. Portland homeowners have lots of options to choose from, the most popular categories being blinds and drapes. So, do blinds...


6 Custom Window Covering Ideas for Any Portland Home Design

Window coverings offer much more than privacy and light filtration. They actually have a substantial impact on the overall appearance of a room. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised by how different your space looks and feels with new window treatments. On that note, there are a lot of styles to choose from. What are the different types of window blinds, shades, and screens? Floor Factors is proud to offer high-quality window coverings from Hunter Douglas, an industry-leading manufacturer. Check...


Are Custom Window Treatments Worth the Money?

In the world of renovations and interior design, window coverings are usually chosen last. And yet, they’re just as critical to a room’s overall aesthetic as flooring, countertops, cabinets, and furniture. People tend to overlook the importance of window treatments, but at Floor Factors, they’re more than just an afterthought. With that said, there are many routes you can take with window coverings for your residential or commercial space, including custom designs. So, are custom window treatments worth it? In many...