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Bathroom Design


Is Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Better for a Bathroom Floor?

When it comes to bathroom remodels, new floors make a significant difference in the overall aesthetic. Bathrooms are humid spaces where surfaces tend to get wet on a regular basis. For this reason, water-resistant flooring is the way to go. While there are several materials on the market that repel moisture, natural tile is a top choice for residential bathrooms. Aside from stone, natural tile floors are available in the option of porcelain or ceramic. So, is ceramic or porcelain better...

Newly remodeled spa-like bathroom with gray toned luxury vinyl plank flooring.

What’s the Best Flooring for a Bathroom?

Ready to upgrade your bathroom and want an affordable long-lasting flooring material? We’ve got you covered! Here we share the best options for your remodel and why they’re perfect for the space. There are also materials you’ll definitely want to avoid - and we cover those as well. Is It OK to Use Vinyl Flooring in a Bathroom? When it comes to bathroom renovations, new floors can make a world of difference. If you're like many other homeowners, you might be wondering...

gray washed beachy flooring

4 Best Bathroom Flooring Options

Since bathrooms are subject to humidity, water leaks, and daily splish-splashing, selecting the right flooring can be tricky. To avoid moisture damage and mold, you'll want to choose something that's at least water-resistant, if not completely waterproof. If you're wondering how to choose the best flooring for your bathroom, Floor Factors has you covered. Find tips, guidance, and expert recommendations below. Which Type of Flooring Is Best for Bathrooms? [caption id="attachment_8816" align="alignright" width="300"] Vinyl Plank Flooring[/caption] The best floor-covering options for bathrooms are vinyl,...


Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing Countertops for Kitchens & Baths

Whether you’re building a house from the ground up, renovating a space you just moved into, or are remodeling your existing home, countertops are an essential piece of the equation. If you’re like many homeowners, you might not be sure where to begin when selecting a countertop material. So, what countertops are best for kitchens? And what about bathrooms? As a trusted resource for kitchen and bathroom renovations in Portland, Floor Factors is here to guide you in finding the right...


Should You Install Wood Flooring in Bathrooms?

Do you have a bathroom remodel on the horizon, or are you planning to add a bath as part of a home expansion project? If so, you’re probably trying to decide between different flooring options. With most rooms, flooring choices are based primarily on aesthetics and affordability. However, with a bathroom, you also have to consider the moisture-resistant qualities of a material. Hardwoods are a classic flooring option, and they complement virtually any interior design scheme. At this point, you might be...


Is Radiant Floor Heating in a Bathroom Worth the Cost?

Radiant floor heating (RFH) is an age-old technology dating back to ancient Rome. Centuries ago, it was called hypocaust, a process of heating floors with fire gases from the rooms below. Unsurprisingly, modern radiant floor heating is much safer and more efficient. In recent years, luxurious radiant floor heating systems for bathrooms have become a popular choice for residential builds and renovations.  So, are heated bathroom floors worth it? If you’re asking this question, you’ve come to the right place. As a...