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Stone & Tile Flooring

Warm beige colored large format tile flooring has a plant and area rug on it.

4 Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing Tile Flooring

Earth-sourced tile is a high-end flooring material with timeless appeal. With proper maintenance, it can hold up for an entire century—a lifespan only rivaled by solid hardwood flooring. Thinking about installing tile in your home? There are a few things to consider first. With over 40 years of industry experience, the experts at our Portland flooring company are here to provide all the insight and guidance you need. How to Choose a Tile Floor That's Right for You When selecting flooring for your...


8 Genius Ways to Use Leftover Floor Tiles

If you have leftover tiles from a recent remodel, why not put them to good use? There are many ways to accent your home with flooring remnants—all you need is a DIY spirit and a little inspiration. With that said, we rounded up our favorite ideas for using the extra material. Take a look below. Creative Ideas for Using Leftover Tile Flooring Remnants The team at Floor Factors is well-versed in the world of tile flooring. From ceramic and porcelain to natural...


Is Vinyl Tile Flooring Better Than Ceramic Tile in the Kitchen?

What's the best flooring for a kitchen? A durable, water-resistant material is a must, which is why ceramic and luxury vinyl tile are at the top of the list. Not only do these flooring products hold up under heavy traffic in moisture-prone areas, they're also easy to maintain. While vinyl and ceramic are go-tos for kitchen floors, they're actually very different materials. Here's what you should know. Vinyl vs. Ceramic Tile: What's the Difference? Modern vinyl floors can look convincingly like real tile,...


How to Choose the Best Stone Tile Flooring for Your Portland Home

[caption id="attachment_8825" align="alignright" width="300"] Marble Tile Flooring[/caption] Natural stone is a high-end flooring product with a luxurious appeal. It's also one of the few materials that can increase your home value. If you're leaning toward stone tile but aren't sure which type or style to choose, the pros at our Portland flooring store are here to guide you through the process. What Are the Different Types of Stone Tile? To make the best choice for your home, you've got to know your options....


Tile Flooring Ideas for Any Kitchen Design Style

Tile has been a popular flooring choice for centuries. When you consider its durability, heat resistance, antibacterial properties, and seriously stunning appearance, you can understand why.  If you're thinking about tiling your kitchen floors, you've come to the right place. Here at Floor Factors, we're big fans of classic stone, ceramic, and porcelain, and we've got tons of design concepts up our sleeves. Find details about each material below, along with our best kitchen tile floor ideas. Which Type of Tile Is...