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Window Coverings

Window Coverings

We work directly and exclusively with Hunter Douglas Window Coverings to provide our customers with the best customer blinds and window treatments on the market. The high-quality window treatments from Hunter Douglas are made in the U.S. and offer myriad material and operating system choices and customization. Our custom blinds and window treatments are easy to use and offer adjustable lighting and additional privacy.

Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, office, storefront, or event space, custom window coverings can provide a personal, finishing touch to any room. 

You have the ability to choose the thickness, color, and material of your window coverings as well as a horizontal or vertical option. When choosing a window covering solution for your home or business, a few things should be taken into account. Among other things, you should consider how much light you’d like in the room, whether you want a bright or cozy feel, and if you prefer blinds with operating systems (so you can control your blinds from your smartphone, etc.), or if you’d prefer retractable cords.

Visit our showroom in Portland’s Pearl District to see how window coverings can solve light issues and complete your décor scheme. Measurement and installation services are available.

Benefits of Custom Blinds & Window Treatments

Custom window treatments offer a variety of benefits. With professional guidance and our team’s attention to detail, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit. Whether you seek added privacy, modern style, or adjustable lighting, custom window coverings can provide you with exactly what you need.


choosing-blinds-for-your-portland-condoIs privacy a primary feature you’re looking for in custom window treatments? Bedrooms, bathrooms, and private offices benefit from window coverings with added privacy. Consider the core function of a room and how much privacy the space requires before choosing blinds or shades. 

Insulation & Energy-Efficiency

The right window treatments have the potential to drastically improve your home’s insulation and significantly decrease your electric costs. Almost a quarter of a home’s heating and cooling costs can be attributed to lost energy through windows. The more layers a window treatment has, the more energy-efficient a space will be

Lighting & Visibility

When selecting a custom window covering, it’s important to consider how much light you prefer to let into a room as well as what type of visibility you’d like through the windows. Some window treatments have light-filtering features that are perfect for kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms where you may prefer significantly more light than private spaces.

Conversely, blackout window treatments can block out virtually all of the light that enters a room, which is a great option for bedrooms or TV rooms. Shades and blinds offer adjustable lighting, as they can be raised or tilted depending on how much light you want to let in at any given time.

Ease of Use

Thanks to technological advancements over the past few years, motorized window treatments have become a more affordable and accessible option. Motorized blinds and shades can be synced with one another and controlled through an app. Window coverings can also be programed to open or close automatically at certain times each day. This allows you to control the heat and lighting in your home with ease and efficiency.

What Type of Window Treatment Suits Your Needs?

With endless window treatment options to choose from at Floor Factors, you’re sure to find the right custom covering that adheres to your personal style and functional needs. From classically styled shutters to modern blinds and efficient shades, custom window coverings can be taken in any direction to match your unique aesthetic and vision. At Floor Factors, we offer a wide variety of window treatment options that can be custom fit and designed to your liking.

Horizontal or Vertical Blinds

Blinds can be made from horizontal or vertical slats of wood, aluminum, vinyl, or composite materials. They can be custom-made in a variety of lengths and widths and offer adjustable options in regards to lighting. Blinds can be closed to shut out light, opened completely to let light in, or partially opened for an in between light filtering option.

Semi-Sheer Window Treatments

Semi-sheer window treatments are a good choice for family rooms, kitchens, and living rooms since these spaces don’t typically require very much privacy. However, depending on the number and size of windows in the space, the room may benefit from natural lighting. Semi sheer fabric window treatments provide soft lighting options as well as privacy when they are completely lowered.


Shades are a window treatment option similar to blinds. Both types of window coverings are adjustable depending on your privacy wants and block outside light. However, instead of slats, shades are manufactured from continuous cotton, linen, or polyester fabric that rolls up with a thin pulley rope and are typically used to filter and soften light, instead of completely block it. Additionally, shades are usually less expensive than blinds.

Let Floor Factors Help You Create a Custom Window Covering

Custom window treatments offer a variety of benefits. With professional guidance and our team’s attention to detail, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit. Whether you seek added privacy, modern style, or adjustable lighting, custom window coverings can provide you with exactly what you need. 

Contact Floor Factors today to find out how one of our in-house design consultants can help you create a custom window treatment that suits your specific needs and style.

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