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Colorful area rug in living room with gray couch.

7 Carpet Color & Style Trends We Love in 2022

Thinking about freshening up your carpets? From low-pile loop and handwoven flat weaves to patterned, plush, and wool, the choices are abundant! As one of the top carpet stores in Portland, Floor Factors has a finger on the pulse of the latest looks, trends, and styles. So, what is the most popular carpet color for 2022, and what about materials and weaves? Below, you’ll find answers to these questions, along with ideas and inspiration to get your creative wheels turning. What Style...

A fluffyy and adorable black dog sits on white carpet in a living room next to a coffee table

Tips for Choosing Between an Area Rug and Carpet

If you gravitate toward soft, warm floor-covering materials, you're probably set on getting either an area rug or carpet. One offers wall-to-wall plushness, cushioning underfoot, and a cozy appeal. The other presents an opportunity to incorporate a unique design and gives you the flexibility to switch it out on a whim. So which is best, and how should you choose? Our Portland floor-covering experts are here to walk you through your options. Rugs vs. Carpets: How to Choose? Area rugs versus wall-to-wall carpet...

Dark wood-like laminate flooring in a master bedroom

Should You Use Laminate Flooring or Carpet in a Bedroom?

The bedroom is the place where you unwind, recharge, and prep for the day ahead and its aesthetic shouldn't be overlooked. Like every room of your home, the design of your sleeping quarters starts with the floors. While laminate and carpet are both popular options, they're vastly different. So, which type of flooring is better for your bedroom? Our Portland flooring experts are here to help you make the best choice for your needs, budget, and taste. Laminate vs. Carpet in Bedrooms What...

Laminate flooring in the living room of a Portland bungalow with a white fireplace.

What are the Pros & Cons of Carpet vs Laminate Flooring?

Laminate and carpet are among the most popular home flooring choices. While they both work well in living rooms, family rooms, great rooms, bonus rooms, and bedrooms, they're distinctly different materials.  With so many materials, designs, and styles of flooring available, choosing one can feel overwhelming. If you’re deciding between carpet and laminate, we’re here to help you make an informed decision.  9 Things to Consider When Choosing Carpet or Laminate Flooring Laminate is a synthetic product that can mimic a wide range...


Should You Put Carpet on Stairs or Not?

The question of whether or not to carpet stairs is a common one. Homeowners need to consider a variety of factors prior to making a choice. For example, what about cleaning and wear and tear? If you’ve got kids and/or pets, this is something to think about. Carpet is a popular option for stairs, but is it the best choice? Our locally owned Portland flooring company is here to break down the pros and cons and go over other materials you...


6 Stunning Carpet Design Ideas for Any Bedroom

It's easy to see why carpeted floors are an ideal choice for bedrooms. You really can't beat the warm, soft comfort of the cushioned material. Carpet has been around for a long time, but thanks to new innovations and styles, it's become a contemporary favorite among homeowners. The floor-covering product is also generally one of the most affordable options. It doesn't last as long as other materials, but this can be viewed as a plus. How so? Since carpet has a lifespan...


The Complete Guide to Choosing Your Area Rug

An area rug is often a vital interior design element. It can make your furniture arrangement look more cohesive, add dimension and texture, serve as a statement piece, and lend to a more welcoming ambiance. Having said that, the benefits of area rugs go beyond aesthetics. They also protect your floors, absorb sound, and provide insulation. If you're in the market for a new rug, the seemingly endless options can be overwhelming. As your go-to resource for all things related to...


Home Carpet Cleaning 101: The Beginner’s Guide

Carpet is arguably the most comfortable flooring option for a home, especially plush and other cut pile styles. That being said, it's more prone to stains and damage than other materials, making it challenging to maintain. Knowing the basics of cleaning it is essential.  Are you a novice? The Portland flooring experts at Floor Factors are here to guide the way. Keep reading for a rundown on how to clean your home’s carpet, including what products to use and how to...


5 Best Carpeting Ideas for Basements

In the rainy Pacific Northwest, many homeowners wonder, Is carpet good for a basement? If so, what kind of carpet should I put in my basement? Believe it or not, carpet is a suitable option for below-grade spaces. Yes, even in wet Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas. If your basement is waterproofed and sealed to protect against flooding and leaks, carpeting your floors is an excellent choice. That said, if you're covering a concrete floor, you might need to install...


What’s the Difference Between Plush & Textured Carpet?

If you're planning on carpeting your home, you might be wondering, What kind of carpet should I buy? From natural and synthetic to high-pile, low-pile, and looped, there are tons of varieties. The fiber material, pile height, and style impact not only the look and feel of a carpet but also its durability and maintenance requirements. Each characteristic should be carefully considered before you choose. Two of the most popular options are plush and textured. Here, our Portland flooring experts explain...