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What’s the Difference Between Plush & Textured Carpet?

If you're planning on carpeting your home, you might be wondering, What kind of carpet should I buy? From natural and synthetic to high-pile, low-pile, and looped, there are tons of varieties. The fiber material, pile height, and style impact not only the look and feel of a carpet but also its durability and maintenance requirements. Each characteristic should be carefully considered before you choose. Two of the most popular options are plush and textured. Here, our Portland flooring experts explain...


8 Stylish Ways You Can Use Carpet Remnants in Your Home

As the name suggests, flooring remnants are remaining pieces of flooring, typically leftover from large commercial projects. Floor Factors carries high-quality remnants in various floor-covering materials at our Portland flooring store, and you can always count on a broad selection of brand-new carpet remnants. What’s more, remnants can be priced up to 90% lower than those direct from the manufacturer. What can you do with carpet remnants? We’re glad you asked. Remnants can be used to carpet your floors, but it...


Use Flooring & Carpet Remnants to Blend Your Home’s Design Styles

The process of remodeling a home involves lots of decision making. With flooring, you have to review various aspects of a material to make sure it’s suitable for each room in your home. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you might be wondering if you can mix and match different types of flooring throughout your house.  Flooring remnants make it easy to combine decorating styles, and it’s a budget-friendly renovation solution. Floor Factors has a variety of remnants at our...

modern wool carpet in living room

Is Wool Carpet the Best Choice for Your Portland Home Remodel?

Have questions about wool carpet? There are many benefits of wool you may not be aware of! For example, it's a great choice for people with allergies, as it repels bacteria and more. Plus, it's both luxurious and durable. Learn more about this material from our Portland flooring company.  Click to view or download our infographic. ...


7 Things You Should Know About Carpet Warranties

New flooring is a substantial investment. Understandably, a lot of home and business owners want to have peace of mind knowing that their purchase is covered. If you’re considering installing carpeting in your home or commercial space, you might have questions about how carpet warranties work. Our Portland flooring team is here to help! We compiled everything you need to know about carpet warranties, including helpful information about claims, complaints, maintenance requirements, and what carpet warranties cover. 1. A Quality Assurance Warranty...


5 Carpet Color & Style Trends We Love in 2020

When it comes to carpets, the choices are abundant. From high-pile, low-pile, shag, and Berber to diverse colors, patterns, and prints, your options are virtually endless. If you know you want to purchase new carpeting for your home, you might be wondering, What kind of carpet should I buy? While your decision will depend on a variety of factors, carpet trends can provide you with some helpful inspiration. Our Favorite Modern Wall-to-Wall Carpet Designs What is the most popular carpet color for...

carpet samples

Three Best Carpets for the Portland, Oregon Area

Nylon loop carpet. Stain resistant to most stains, easy to clean and most stains don’t set as easy. You have the ability to be professionally be cleaned and some nylon types can even be cleaned with bleach without losing their color. Naturally shaped like a spring which makes it extremely resilient. Trusoft by Stainmaster carpet. This is an extremely soft carpet while still maintaining a resistance to stains, pets, kids and other normal Northwest carpet nemesis. New Zealand Wool carpet. The...

black and white carpet squares

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Carpet for your Portland, Oregon Home

Comfort. Especially for a bedroom or living room space.  The level of Comfort of your choice of carpet can make all the difference in the world and can help bring your family together, especially on movie night. Type of Fiber and Construction. Whether you’re considering wool or a synthetic fiber, there are a few factors that need to be addressed that will determine the most appropriate fiber for your space. For example, wool isn’t the best fiber to use in a home with...