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A man works to install remnant LVP flooring in a home.

Save Money Remodeling These 7 Rooms Using Flooring Remnants

Instead of paying full price on materials, many homeowners opt to use flooring remnants for their renovations. Leftover from larger projects and sold "as is" at steep discounts, these high-quality pieces can save you big bucks on your next remodel. Where to Use Flooring Remnants In some instances, our Portland flooring store has enough of a single material to cover large rooms. Since quantities may vary, remnants can be ideal for smaller spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, home offices, guest rooms,...


8 Genius Ways to Use Leftover Floor Tiles

If you have leftover tiles from a recent remodel, why not put them to good use? There are many ways to accent your home with flooring remnants—all you need is a DIY spirit and a little inspiration. With that said, we rounded up our favorite ideas for using the extra material. Take a look below. Creative Ideas for Using Leftover Tile Flooring Remnants The team at Floor Factors is well-versed in the world of tile flooring. From ceramic and porcelain to natural...


5 Best Carpeting Ideas for Basements

In the rainy Pacific Northwest, many homeowners wonder, Is carpet good for a basement? If so, what kind of carpet should I put in my basement? Believe it or not, carpet is a suitable option for below-grade spaces. Yes, even in wet Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas. If your basement is waterproofed and sealed to protect against flooding and leaks, carpeting your floors is an excellent choice. That said, if you're covering a concrete floor, you might need to install...


8 Stylish Ways You Can Use Carpet Remnants in Your Home

As the name suggests, flooring remnants are remaining pieces of flooring, typically leftover from large commercial projects. Floor Factors carries high-quality remnants in various floor-covering materials at our Portland flooring store, and you can always count on a broad selection of brand-new carpet remnants. What’s more, remnants can be priced up to 90% lower than those direct from the manufacturer. What can you do with carpet remnants? We’re glad you asked. Remnants can be used to carpet your floors, but it...


Use Flooring & Carpet Remnants to Blend Your Home’s Design Styles

The process of remodeling a home involves lots of decision making. With flooring, you have to review various aspects of a material to make sure it’s suitable for each room in your home. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you might be wondering if you can mix and match different types of flooring throughout your house.  Flooring remnants make it easy to combine decorating styles, and it’s a budget-friendly renovation solution. Floor Factors has a variety of remnants at our...


Should You Buy Flooring & Carpet Remnants to Save Money?

Remnants are small pieces or quantities of flooring materials that are sold “as is” at a discounted rate. So, should you buy flooring remnants to save money? In many instances, you can find high-quality, unused materials left over from large projects, including carpet remnants, planks, sheets, or tiles. It’s just a matter of knowing where (and when) to look. If you’ve got a relatively small renovation project on the horizon, you may want to consider flooring remnants. Floor Factors carries a...