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Hardwood flooring in an entryway of a home as well as an area rug made from natural fibers.

What Window Treatments Prevent Sun Damage to Hardwood Floors?

With proper care and upkeep, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. Preventing cracks, dents, and moisture damage is part of the equation, but what many homeowners don't realize until it's too late is that outdoor light can cause fading. What can you do to protect your hardwoods from sun damage? Read on to find out. Window Treatments That Protect Your Hardwood Floors From the Sun  Minor color changes give wood planks a hint of character. The rustic look is so popular, in fact,...

This clean, modern kitchen design features large format gray tile, sleek white countertop, and bright yellow walls.

How Do You Match Kitchen Flooring with Countertops?

It's easy to get stuck on what flooring and countertop materials to choose for a kitchen remodel. If you're like many homeowners, you might be wondering if they should match. Our Portland flooring experts are here to answer this question as well as offer tips on designing a cohesive space that fits your unique vision. Do Floors Have to Match Countertops? The short answer is no, kitchen floors don't have to match countertops. With the exception of certain stone and tile options, floors...

Polished concrete flooring with a white hue is used in an office hallway.

8 Common Questions About Commercial Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is considered one of the best commercial flooring options. What makes it a great choice for businesses, and how is it made? Read on for answers to these questions, along with insights into the benefits and maintenance requirements from our Portland flooring pros. Polished Concrete Floors: Your Questions Answered Whether you're renovating an older commercial structure or building a new one from the ground up, one of the first things you'll need to choose is a floor-covering product.  Polished concrete is...

An area rug with a colorful print and unique design sits under a rattan side table.

Designers Say These are the Biggest Area Rug Trends of the Year

With trends continuously changing—sometimes quicker than the seasons—it can be hard to keep up with the latest interior design styles. This is why homeowners often choose materials and finishes that'll complement their evolving decor for years or even decades. Many professional designers will tell you virtually every room in the home could benefit from an area rug. It protects your floors, adds insulation, helps section off different zones, and enhances the overall aesthetic. Plus, rugs are easy to swap out if...

Three plants, in multicolored pots, have been placed on a hardwood floor.

The Best Vinyl Flooring Options for Your Portland Home

The Best Vinyl Flooring Options for Your Portland Home If you're renovating your Portland home, you may have come across vinyl as one of the best options for busy households and wet weather. But what makes it stand out from other materials, and what types are available? Keep reading to find out. Why's Vinyl Flooring So Popular? There's a lot to love about vinyl—especially the modern iterations of it. The floor-covering product is more affordable than real hardwoods, stone, and ceramic, plus it's...

Woman in flooring showroom looking at different types of luxury vinyl plank flooring.

9 FAQs From Our Portland Flooring Store Customers

If you're thinking about replacing your floors, you might be wondering what your options are and what to expect from the process. Read on for answers to frequently asked questions customers have about our Portland flooring company. 1. What Types of Flooring Do You Carry? Floor Factors carries an extensive selection of flooring products. This includes: Hardwood (unfinished, prefinished, engineered, solid) Bamboo (traditional, engineered, strand-woven) Vinyl (luxury planks, tiles, sheets) Laminate (planks, tiles, sheets) Linoleum Cork Natural stone tile (limestone, slate, sandstone,...

A woman does yoga on a red and gold area rug with her young daughter.

The 5 Best Kid-Friendly Flooring Options for Busy Homes

If you have kids, you're wise to weigh your options before installing new floors. So, what materials are kid-friendly? Our Portland flooring pros are here to answer this question and provide expert insight into price, durability, and stain resistance. What's the Best Type of Flooring for Kids? The best flooring for a family home depends on a few factors. This includes the age of the children living there, the rooms that need new floors, and the day-to-day activities of the household. Having said...

Close up of a leather couch placed on wood-look vinyl flooring.

The 8 Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands

If a remodel is on the horizon, you've probably come across luxury vinyl as a flooring option. The versatile material is an affordable alternative to real hardwoods, and it can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. But what is luxury vinyl plank flooring, exactly? Also known as LVP, the synthetic product is made of compressed PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resins and features a UV-cured urethane top layer, which makes it 100% waterproof.  Thinking of installing LVP? We rounded up the top manufacturers...

A contemporary living room with area rug has beige furniture, colorful wall art, and rustic hardwood floors.

Top 7 Styles of Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

While it was once only available in sheets, vinyl has evolved into a sophisticated, highly sought-after flooring option. Available in 100% waterproof planks (LVP) and tiles (LVT), today's luxury vinyl is giving hardwoods and natural stone a run for their money. The Best Vinyl Flooring in Portland There's a lot to love about this affordable material, but with virtually endless options to choose from, it can be hard to pick a style. Floor Factors partners with industry-leading manufacturers, and it's safe to...

A brown and black spotted puppy lies on an oak hardwood floor.

Which Hardwood Floors are the Most Durable?

Hardwood is one of the longest-lasting flooring options, but not all planks are created equal. So, which types hold up best? Our Portland flooring company is here to break it down for you. What Kind of Hardwood Flooring Is Best? When we talk about flooring, "durability" can mean several different things. For some, it's about how long a material lasts, how well it stands up to general wear and tear, or its actual density. For others, it's about whether a floor-covering product...