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6 Hardwood Flooring Ideas for Home Offices in Portland

In the early spring of 2020, only about a third of corporate employees had the option to work from home. On account of the coronavirus pandemic, almost 100% were not only allowed but, in many cases, required to work remotely just a couple of months later. Looking forward, most office workers say they'd like to continue telecommuting one or more days a week, and a majority of employers plan to keep offering the option even after the pandemic. With this in...


7 Creative Ways to Transform an Unused Space in Your Home

With social distancing and remote work becoming the norm, people are spending more time than ever in their homes. If you're like a lot of Portland homeowners, you might be craving additional square footage. You could build up or out. However, with a creative mindset and some expert guidance, you might be able to transform your existing unused areas into functional living spaces. Tips and Flooring Ideas for Unused Space in Your Portland Home Attics, garages, and basements can certainly come in handy...


6 Top Flooring Trends in 2021

Interior design is an art, and like other forms of expression, styles change over time. As tastes evolve and new techniques come available, fresh flooring trends emerge — and sometimes, old styles resurface. Our Portland flooring company shares everything you want to know about 2021 flooring material and design trends. What Is the Next Trend in Flooring? When it comes to the overall look of a home, floors hold a lot of weight. Vibrant hues and prints can make a statement, while...


4 Best DIY Flooring Materials for Home Remodels

DIY home renovations have become more and more popular for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to save money or increase home value, homeowners are embracing doing it themselves. If you're thinking about getting new floors for your home and want to take the do-it-yourself route, you might be looking for some easy DIY flooring options. Our Portland flooring pros are here to give you a rundown of our top picks. What Type of Floor is Easiest to Install? If you're a...


6 Affordable Holiday Home Upgrades & Flooring Ideas

Hosting family and friends for the holidays? Want to spruce up your space to wow your guests? Not only do you have time to do it, your upgrades don’t have to cost a fortune! Our Portland flooring company compiled a list of simple, affordable options any homeowner can make happen.What’s more, you’ll still have time to trim the tree and deck the halls! Floor Factors’ Favorite Simple Holiday Home Upgrades  You know the refreshed feeling you get after doing some spring cleaning?...