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What’s the Difference Between Plush & Textured Carpet?

plush-grey-carpetIf you’re planning on carpeting your home, you might be wondering, What kind of carpet should I buy? From natural and synthetic to high-pile, low-pile, and looped, there are tons of varieties. The fiber material, pile height, and style impact not only the look and feel of a carpet but also its durability and maintenance requirements. Each characteristic should be carefully considered before you choose.

Two of the most popular options are plush and textured. Here, our Portland flooring experts explain the differences between both carpet types, including the pros and cons of each style.

Plush vs. Textured Carpet

white-plush-carpetBoth carpet options fall into the cut pile category. The carpet style features exposed fibers, which are cut off using a shearing technique. This results in a soft, low-maintenance carpet ideal for residential spaces.

Plush Carpet

This option is smooth and level with densely packed fibers. When it comes to a comfy-cozy carpet, this material takes the cake. It’s no wonder this rich and luxurious style is sometimes referred to as “velvet-cut pile.”

Textured Carpet

This material is characterized by fibers of varying heights. The fibers are usually twisted to ensure they stay kinked at the desired levels. You can get monochrome or multi-colored options in a wide range of patterns, like checks, stripes, diamonds, or waves.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Plush and Textured Carpet?

orange-textured-carpetBoth carpet styles are beautiful choices that can complement a variety of spaces, and both are available in natural and synthetic materials. However, before making a decision, we recommend reviewing the pros and cons of each style.

Plush carpet pros:

  • Cushioned sensation without padding underneath
  • Highly durable compared to other types of carpet
  • Low-maintenance and often stain-resistant
  • Notably comfortable and soft underfoot
  • Suitable for moderate foot traffic
  • Visually pleasing with a luxurious look

Plush carpet cons:

  • May become watermarked
  • May show footprints and scuffs
  • Prone to indentations

Textured carpet pros:

  • Kid- and pet-friendly
  • Less noticeable wear and tear compared to other styles
  • Not prone to denting
  • Suitable for moderate to heavy foot traffic
  • “Trackless” (won’t show footprints)

Textured carpet cons:

  • Less cushioning and softness compared to plush
  • Needs to be replaced more often than plush
  • Sometimes prone to snagging

In terms of aesthetics, both styles are highly versatile and can complement myriad décor schemes. Not only that, but you can custom-order both in virtually any color, pattern, or design.

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