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Remnants in Portland Oregon

Carpet (Commercial & Residential) – We have an extremely wide variety of carpet remnants in our carpet warehouse.  Our Remnants Range in quality from high-end commercial carpets that were originally installed in boutique hotels to hand-made wool carpets that originally cost upwards of $100 per square yard!   Whether you are interested in carpeting a bedroom or 2, or you just need an area rug to protect some hardwood floors, we have just about anything and everything to suit your needs.  There are times we end up with entire rolls, which in most cases could cover an entire houses/rental property.  Whatever size or shape let us know what you’re after and we will do our best to find something that works for you.
Carpet Tiles – Looking for a quick fix for a bedroom or basement, or are you re-carpeting an office and want something that you can install yourself?  Look no further, our Carpet Tile Remnants are perfect for just about any application, both residential as well as commercial.  Depending on the day, we could have enough carpet tiles to cover your entire home/office, and sometimes we only have enough to do an 8’ X 10’ area rug.  If you are interested in Carpet Tile Remnants, it’s always good to give us a call ahead of time, let us know how many square feet or square yards you are covering and we will let you know if we have enough to accommodate your needs.
Linoleum/Sheet Vinyl – We not only have carpet remnants, but we also have a large variety of commercial sheet vinyl and linoleum remnants!  A majority of our sheet goods range from 6’ to 6’7” in width, and typically average about 10’ to 20’ in length, which is ideal for any kitchen, bathroom or even a laundry/utility room.  Occasionally larger rolls of materials are generated, rolls that could cover large commercial spaces, and at a 1/3 of the price of our normal sheet goods, it a no brainer!  
VCT/LVT – Vinyl Composite Tiles are typically used in vintage inspired kitchens and bathrooms where a black and white checkered tile look is desired.  Despite being one of the least expensive flooring products, especially as a remnant, running about $.45 sf, VCT is considerably durable.  Commercially rated, it is often used in heavy traffic areas such as grocery stores, warehouses and commercial bathrooms.  LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile has had the largest increase in sales than probably any other product over the last 2-3 years.  Being marketed generally as a “water-resistant” or “water-proof” flooring material, it is ideal for basement and bathroom applications, areas where there could be a chance of the flooring coming in contact with moisture.  Here in Oregon, basement floods unfortunately are common, so with a product that can be installed in a space that is prone to flooding and still maintain the products warranty is almost unheard of.  If this sounds like a product that would work in your space, feel free to come down and look at our LVT, ranging from standard glue-down to a “click” installation method.
Wood – Wood remnants will always vary significantly, from engineered exotics, to solid native woods, if you are in the market for hardwood and you are covering a space ranging in size from a small closet to an entire house it’s always a good idea to come down and check out what we happen to have.  Sometimes we have 1,000 + square feet, which at our remnant price can be a huge bargain!  Sometimes we only have 50-100 square feet of a particular wood product, just let us know how much you’re looking for and we’ll be able to tell you whether or not we have it.
Tile (Porcelain/Ceramic/Natural Stone) – Our Tile remnants make up a small portion of our remnants, however if you are in the market for a back-splash, or covering a small bathroom floor or even a shower wall, we constantly are generating tile that’s perfect for those applications.  Occasionally we do get large quantities of tile, again, just let us know the amount of material needed for the space and we can tell you if we have enough to cover the particular area.