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Wicanders Cork Flooring from Floor Factors in Portland

Cork flooring has become a popular commercial and residential floor covering choice in recent years. Created from the bark of cork oak trees, cork is harvested by hand without the need to cut the tree. This makes cork a renewable resource. The many benefits of cork floors have sparked the interest of both home and business owners for building and renovation projects. At Floor Factors, we work closely with Wicanders, a leading cork flooring manufacturer, to provide our customers with the best flooring solutions in Portland.

Wicanders creates sustainable floor coverings with innovative Corktech technology. The benefits of Corktech technology make the cork flooring products from Wicanders stand out from the competition.

Corktech floors:

  • Act as a noise buffer between the floor and the rooms below
  • Reduce the sound of walking by more than 50%
  • Provide natural thermal insulation
  • Regulate floor temperature year-round
  • Offer optimal walking comfort due to natural flexibility
  • Absorb shock and resist impact
  • Have a long lifespan

The treated cork flooring material from Wicanders naturally provides thermal insulation, sound absorption, and elasticity for a comfortable feel underfoot. Comfortable flooring is a vital component to creating a cozy, peaceful indoor space. Wicanders cork flooring costs less than stone and hardwood flooring, but it can mimic the appearance of more expensive materials.

Wicanders takes pride in continued research and innovation on their flooring products. The uniquely engineered multilayer material combines the natural properties of cork with state-of-the-art technology for a perfect flooring product offering style, durability, and sustainability.

Benefits of Wicanders Cork Flooring

Wicanders cork flooring comes with an impressive list of benefits. Finished cork floors can provide a look similar to hardwood, but with the soft comfort of carpet. Cork floors from Wicanders are easy to maintain, sound-absorbent, and insulating. Because cork is made up of mostly air, it is extremely elastic. When compressed with moderate weight, cork flooring will regain its original form. Also, when cork is punctured slightly, the material naturally reseals. It is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly flooring product that lasts for up to 30 years. Cork is naturally flame-resistant and does not release toxins into the air if it comes into contact with fire. Antimicrobial cork floors also repel insects and are resistant to mold and mildew.

Floor Factors installs Wicanders cork floors in kitchens, offices, gyms, rec rooms, stores, restaurants, and utility rooms. Many colleges also opt for cork flooring in dorm rooms due to its sound absorbing qualities. Cork flooring can be used to reduce echoes and diminish noise in spaces such as home theaters and music rooms. Cork floors from Wicanders are available in floating or direct-glue tiles.

Wicanders Cork GO: The Budget-Friendly Floating Cork Floor Solution

Cork GO is the floating cork flooring option from Wicanders. Floating tiles or planks are budget-friendly, easy to install, and best suited for residential spaces. The Cork GO floating cork floors are manufactured with a double layer, which guarantees the Corktech benefits. The Wear Protect Surface (WPS) of Wicanders floating cork floors provides a durable finish suitable for heavy traffic.

Wicanders Glue-Down Cork Flooring

Glue-down cork floors from Wicanders can be installed over any wood or concrete subfloors. Some high-humidity rooms, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, require glue-down flooring. This type of cork flooring needs to be finished on-site, but it lasts much longer than floating tiles and offers more resistance to moisture.

Floor Factors is Your Source for Wicanders Cork Flooring in Portland

Cork floors from Wicanders are environmentally-friendly, durable, comfortable, and versatile. Wicanders brings innovative products to the flooring market that are perfect for all types of residential and commercial renovations. At Floor Factors, we are committed to offering you the best flooring solutions available. For more information about installing Wicanders cork flooring in your home or office, contact us today!

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