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How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Residential or Commercial Space

A carpet reflects design, style, and purpose in a residential or commercial space. When choosing a new carpet, exploring styles, designs, and materials will help you select a quality carpet that will offer comfort, durability, and elegance for years to come. Get to know the different carpet style options below! 

Pattern Style Carpet

Pattern style carpets offer a distinct design ranging from contemporary to formal. It’s important to visualize the complete look of a carpet pattern in larger spaces. A pattern style carpet will have a great impact on the look of furniture and other fixtures as well as a room’s overall appearance. Floor Factors offers a wide selection of pattern carpets including geometric, striped, and natural designs in a variety of colors.

Berber Carpet

Berber carpets are made from looped fibers and come in a variety of aesthetics including traditional, contemporary, and casual. This style of carpet is typically used to create a warm, personal touch for residential or commercial flooring. Wool Berber carpet is usually light in color with flecks of darker shades. It has gained popularity in recent years due to its long-lasting performance compared to other cut-pile carpet styles. 

Textured Plush & Plush Carpet 

Textured plush and plush carpets are often used for carpeting an entire home due to its elegant appeal. Many prefer this type of carpet for their bedrooms, as it is known for softness and comfort. Plush carpets have a level surface that is soft underfoot with a traditional appearance. Textured plush and plush carpets usually have uniform color, sometimes with subtle flecks of another shade. 

Frieze Style Carpet

Frieze style carpet is similar to shag carpeting with an updated design. The fibers have a short, tight twist resulting in a soft step and feel underfoot. Frieze carpets are gaining popularity and are considered to be a modern version of shag carpet, which was popularized in the 60s and 70s. Frieze carpet has evolved from outdated shag and is constructed from thinner fiber strands giving it a look that is less dense than most saxony carpets. This carpet style is notably durable due to its high twist.

Consider Carpet Twist When Choosing a Carpet

Carpet twist is a good indicator of the performance and feel of a cut-pile carpet. Generally, the more twists of the fiber, the better performance and feel you can expect. Carpet twist implies the number of times the fibers of a carpet have been twisted in a one-inch length, sometimes referred to “turns per inch” or TPI. Twisting carpet fibers increases the strength of the material which will impact a carpet’s ability to withstand heavy traffic over the years. The durability of Berber carpets is not graded by TPI as the fibers (yarn) are looped back into the carpet. 

Visualize the Space

Visualizing colors and patterns is a key part of choosing a new carpet for your home or business. In addition, it’s important to think about wear and tear. Consider how the space will be used and how much foot traffic the carpet will get on a regular basis. Assess what type of furniture will go in the room and how it will tie in with the carpet’s color and pattern. You’ll also want to consider whether the room has direct access to the outdoors in order to determine the stain-resistant needs of your carpet.

Check Out the Carpet Remnants at Our Portland Carpet Store

If you’re on a tight budget and are looking to update the carpets in your residential or commercial space, consider remnants. At Floor Factors, we always have a wide range of carpet remnants in stock at our warehouse and can help you find the perfect flooring solution that will save you money too!

The team at Floor Factors is here to help you with every step of your flooring renovation project! For more information on choosing a new carpet for your home or business in Portland, contact us today!

“The carpet looks lovely and I am very satisfied with the service. I do especially want to express my appreciation to Jeff Dyrland for the excellent job he did in my home. He was superb in his skill and conscientiousness. It was amazing to watch him handle the huge, heavy carpet all by himself. It was truly an impressive experience.  He also maintained a cheerful, friendly attitude throughout the long, arduous day! Thank you also for your efficient measuring of the carpet!”
C. Sjogren

“What a relief to have a friend of the firm to help with an issue about which I know nothing whatsoever. Thank you for taking the time to personally handle our order and setting us up with an installer in Bend. Your help is much appreciated!” Lara Stahancyk, Kent, Johnson & Hook P.C.

“I wanted to thank you and your guys for the job you did replacing my parents’ carpet.  According to my dad, it went off like clockwork, my parents really like the carpet and my dad said your guys did a great job and he enjoyed working with them. Thanks a bunch for the great service. I owe you one. ”
Dan H.

“Thank you for the great service at every point of this relatively small project. We will recommend your services.”
The Pradelts

“We would like to thank you for the personal attention and courtesy extended to us. You allowed us the latitude to make those time consuming decisions that are always needed in selecting carpets for a home. We are extremely pleased with the end results. We would be remiss if we did not mention the skills of the carpet installer, Jeff Dyrland. He is a conscientious craftsman who completed the job in an extremely skillful and professional manner. If he is representative of the employees you hire, you certainly are doing it right.”
Bill and Jill L.

“We finally have the bedroom and bathroom finished and here are some pictures of the finished product. Thanks for all your patience and help with our project. I’ve been referring lots of people to you!”
Franki K.

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Scott C.

“We are now settled or almost settled, into our new home here in Washington. We often get to Portland on weekend trips and that’s how we found your business and your helpful staff. We had heard about the Amtico products and you had that line of flooring with samples to view. We ended up with the slate look in the mudroom and hallway, a cherry wood floor in the TV room and a tile look in a guest bath. We’re very pleased with all of them. Thanks for all the help from your end.”
Lenore and Don L.

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E.  Shank

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J. Edwards

“I just wanted to let you know I was by to say hi a couple of days ago.  You were not available so I talked to Rick Morehouse because I am getting a lot questions about the newest engineered hardwood flooring from my clients. Anyway, Rick was very knowledgeable and professional so I wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to have a resource like Rick instead of going to the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes.  I will not hesitate to send business to Floor Factors anytime.”
Mark P.

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Joan H. S.

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Ken Kowalski, Hoffman Construction

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Marie B. Kurtright

“I don’t know where to begin or find the words to express our gratitude. We can’t thank you enough. Especially Ray, he seemed to understand what we needed without much input. Everyone worked so hard with a smile on every face. I certainly learned a lesson. Our little house is a happier place to be.”
The Naida Ramey family

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Jerry O’Brien

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In choosing a carpet it’s all about your lifestyle. Your carpet reflects the use of your space as well as your personal design and style. Pattern style carpets have a texture that can be formal to contemporary.  In large spaces, it’s important to visualize the pattern, as it will affect the room design and key furniture items. A Berber carpet is looped carpet and traditionally contemporary to casual.  It is commonly used for a warm and personal touch. Textured Plush and Plush are often used for carpeting an entire home and is preferred by those looking for uniform softness and comfort. This style is known for its excellent wear and elegant appeal.  Frieze style carpet, also known as Shag carpeting, has a short tight twist and provides and even softer step.

“Carpet Twist” is another indicator of the performance and feel of a carpet. Generally, the more twist or turns of the fiber, the better performance you can expect.  The number of twists affects the feel of a carpet.  There is an old saying in the carpet business: “The shorter, the tighter the twist, the denser, the better the carpet.”

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