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Solid Surface Countertops in Portland from Floor Factors

Floor Factors is a one-stop-shop for all your home or commercial remodeling needs – and that includes countertops! We carry an impressive selection of solid surface materials including quartz and acrylic.

Solid surface counters are a manufactured product that offers a look similar to that of stone, granite, or marble, but the material is non-porous. Many home and business owners are choosing solid surface countertops due to the material’s long list of benefits. The solid surface countertops in Portland from Floor Factors are affordable, stain-resistant, moisture-resistant, antimicrobial, and low-maintenance. Additionally, the color of solid surface countertops will not fade over time, so you can feel confident about the look of your interior space for many years to come.

Choosing countertops is a step that should not be overlooked on your next project. The right counters can not only enhance a space, but also add a personal touch to the overall aesthetic. Whether your vision is modern, mid-century, traditional, trendy, or contemporary, we’ve got a countertop solution for you. At Floor Factors, we carry endless options for solid surface countertops and are dedicated to helping to you turn your renovation plans into a reality.

Quartz Solid Surface Countertops

When it comes to solid surface countertops, engineered quartz is currently one of the most popular materials on the market. Quartz counters are primarily made from ground quartz with a small amount of plastic resin. It is an extremely durable and versatile countertop option that can be used in both residential and commercial spaces. Additionally, quartz solid surface countertops are stain-resistant and require minimal maintenance. Due to the density of the material, engineered quartz countertops don’t need a topical sealant. Depending on the specific material makeup, engineered quartz is available at various price points and can last for decades.

Acrylic Solid Surface Countertops

The acrylic solid surface countertops from Floor Factors are not only beautiful and versatile, but they are incredibly durable. In addition to being notably resilient, acrylic countertops are naturally hygienic, stain-resistant, and very easy to clean compared to other countertop materials. Most acrylic solid surface countertop products are available in either full or partial sheets. The sheets are non-porous, meaning there’s nowhere for bacteria and mold to hide and grow.

Because the material is so easily customized, acrylic surfaces can be used for a long list of both residential and commercial purposes. The affordability and wide range of style choices make acrylic a go-to choice for solid surface countertops. The use for acrylic surfaces goes beyond just countertops –– the material can be used to transform shower walls, tubs, sauna decks, and much more. Our acrylic solid surfaces are available in a wide variety of colors and designs making it easy to find what’s right for your home or commercial space.

Commercial & Residential Solid Surface Countertops

The solid surface countertops from Floor Factors are the perfect solution for your next residential or commercial renovation. Our engineered quartz and acrylic countertops are easy to clean and require almost no maintenance which makes them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens in homes as well as offices, stores, hotels, lobbies, bars, or other commercial spaces. Stop by our showroom in Portland to see our extensive collection of solid surface countertops.

Floor Factors Is the Premier Countertop Store in Portland

Floor Factors has an excellent rapport with local fabricators and countertop manufacturers who provide us with competitive pricing on our countertop solutions. In addition to quartz and acrylic, we are pleased to now offer sintered stone solid surface countertops, one of the latest materials to hit the market. Sintered stone is a highly durable material made up of natural minerals and is manufactured with innovative technology that uses extremely high temperatures and pressure.

We would be happy to generate a complimentary estimate for you on any of our countertop products. In addition to top-of-the-line countertops, floors, cabinets, and window coverings, Floor Factors offers in-house design consulting, demolition, delivery, and installation services to our customers in Portland and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about the solid surface materials from Floor Factors or to schedule a tour in our showroom, contact us today!

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